Apart from this, the Government of Maharashtra has promised to help the factory with its share capital contribution in the proportion of one to nine. To make the proposal more feasible and profitable Netafim Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd., has promised to help this unique project by undertaking the total development of cane in the proximity of the sugar factory, by inducting the world famous drip irrigation system develped by them, along with their modern technique of cane cultivation and water management.

Any individual or institution (from India/ NRI) can participate in this unique venture by purchasing at least one share each belonging to any of the following categories, namely Producer, Non-producer and Sympathizer. Those who have land in the District of Kolhapur or in any of the three Talukas of Sindhudurg District and are willing to cultivate and supply cane to the factory, can become producer members. However, those individuals and institutions who have no land and yet want to participate in this unique venture, can purchase shares from the non-producer members category. Open to all is the category of sympathiser members. Those who want to advance the cause of women in this country can purchase any number of shares from this category and thus contribute towards the advancement of women's welfare.


Project Highlights

Nature of the project Manufacture of White Crystal Sugar
Capacity 2500 TCD
Location Tambale, Bhudargad Taluka, Kolhapur District
Project Cost
Land & Site Development
Buildings &Civil Works
Plant & M/c
Miscellaneous Fixed Assets
IDC & Financial Charges
Preliminary & Preoperative
Cane Development Expenses
Margin Money for Working Capital
Total Project Cost
Means of Finance
Members' contribution
Rs. 560 Lakhs
State Government
Rs. 1440 Lakhs
Rs. 2000 Lakhs
Term Loans  
Financial Institutions and Banks
Rs. 3000 Lakhs
Total Means of Finance
Rs. 5000 Lakhs