Why a Women's Co-operative sugar factory ?
Mrs. Viajaymala Bajirao Desai founder / chair person of IGBMVSSK was encouraged by the policy on women declared by the Govt. of Maharashtra on 22nd June 1994. For the first time in the long history of India, right to property was given to women in the true sense. Since 85% of the work in the fields is done by women, Mrs. Desai felt it was time for these women to get their due recognition. Thus as the name suggests, IGBMVSSK's motto is to ensure overall development of women and children in the area.

Where is IGBMVSSK located?
We are located at Tambale, Bhudargad Taluka, Kolhapur District, Maharashtra State , India; we also have an office at Kolhapur.

What is the area of operation of IGBMVSSK?
The State Government has allowed an extended area of operation for IGBMVSSK, which includes :
a) Kolhapur District - all 12 Talukas (Divisions).
b) 3 Talukas of the neighbouring Sindhudurg District.

What form of support does IGBMVSSK have?
The Government of Maharashtra has promised to help the factory with its share capital contribution in the proportion of one to nine.

The IDBI bank has restructured the Term Loan and reduced the rate of interest from 16% to 10% per annum. Netafim Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd., the pioneers of drip irrigation has promised assistance for development of sugarcane and other regional crops.

What is crushing capacity of the plant?
IGBMVSSK has a crushing capacity of 2500 TCD.

When is the Crushing Season?
A typical crushing season is from November to May, depending on the availability of sugar cane.

Who can become a member?
Any individual or institution (from India/ NRI) can participate in this unique venture by purchasing at least one share each belonging to any of the following categories, namely Producer, Non-producer and Sympathiser. Those who have land in the District of Kolhapur and the three Talukas of Sindhudurg District and are willing to cultivate and supply cane to the factory, can become producer members. However, those individuals and institutions who have no land and yet want to participate in this unique venture, can purchase shares from the non-producer member's category. Open to all is the category of sympathiser members. Those who want to advance the cause of women in this country can purchase any number of shares from this category and thus contribute towards the advancement of women's welfare.

What is the product manufactured?
White Crystal Cane Sugar in M-30 & S-30 and bi-products like Molasses, Bagasse and Press Mud.

When did the factory commissioned and when did it go in production?
In spite of heavy odds IGBMVSSK managed to commission the plant on 25th December 2002, and finally went into production on 30 December 2002.

What is the current value of the share of IGBMVSSK?
The current value of the share of IGBMVSSK is Rs. 5000 ($111) only.

How will my donations be utilized?
You can direct your donation to be utilized for a specific cause supported by the factory. Options mentioned below :
Future Plans of Factory :

1) Capacity expansion to 5000 TCD.
2) Set up a 15 MW Cogeneration facility.
3) Implement Drip Irrigation Schemes and Lift Irrigation Schemes in order to bring more area under sugarcane cultivation and enhance yield and recovery.

Forward integration to produce value-added products including :
                    a. Branded Sugar.
                    b. Alcohol-based chemical products.
                    c. Distillery.
                    d. Ethanol Project.

5) To provide educational facilities such as schools and vocational courses.
6) To provide support for agro based industries such as Dairy, Poultry, Fishery etc.
7) To EDUCATE & TRAIN women in modern techniques of farming.
8) To Provide Medical facilities / Hospital.