Social Aims and Objectives :
Indira Gandhi Bharatiya Mahila Vikas Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. has a larger social mission.

"To win economic independence for rural womenfolk
and thereby enhance their social status"

IGBMVSSK has been set up not just as another sugar factory with commercial motives. It has been set up with the explicit aim of bringing about a social revolution through economic empowerment of the rural womenfolk.

Future Plans of Factory :

1) Capacity expansion to 5000 TCD.
2) Set up a 15 MW Cogeneration facility.
3) Implement Drip Irrigation Schemes and Lift Irrigation Schemes in order to bring more area under sugarcane cultivation and enhance yield and recovery.

Forward integration to produce value-added products including :
                    a. Branded Sugar.
                    b. Alcohol-based chemical products.
                    c. Distillery.

                    d. Ethanol Project.

In order to attain its mission, IGBMVSSK has framed a set of objectives:
* To kindle the spirit of enterprise in women.

* To strive to encourage women to own land and commercially exploit it.
* To equip female agriculturists with scientific methods of farming.
* To create direct and indirect employment opportunities for women.
* To work for economic development of the backward Bhudargad Taluka.
* To provide educational facilities such as schools and vocational courses.
* To provide medical facilities and health insurance.
* To provide pension to the women share holders at the time of retirement.
* To provide support for agro based industries such as Dairy, Poultry, Fishery etc.
* To encourage more women to OWN LAND and become EQUAL