The dam envisages to store 2.76 TMC of water besides 16 MCFT of dead stock. The idea is to keep the river filled throughout the summer, supplying water to the fields on both the banks of the river by means of lift irrigation accompanied by drip irrigation system. That will, not only bring under cane cultivation additional tracks of lands but also increase the yield of the existing crop, which happens to be cane.

To the people of Bhudargad, cane is a life saving crop. They have grown it, not only in the fields but in the back yards also. They have used it for making jaggery, for extracting juice and they have used the tops for feeding cattle and the stems for cooking food. For thousands of years their fathers and ancestors have known and grown cane. There is nothing new about it. Even the women grow cane and vegetables in the back yard. The Cane has become part of their life so much that it has found a proud place in the social, cultural and religious life of the village folk. As the local adage goes, where there is water there is cane.